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Are you interested in renting a therapy room or studio in a wholistic living center for your

healing art practice?  We have several options available that may suit your needs. We have

three therapy rooms and one studio (sanctuary). Rooms are rented on a first come, first

serve basis and subject to availability. Full-time, part-time, temporary and one-time only

options are available. Prices have been designed to support you in the successful operation

of your healing arts practices.  

Please contact Sawako Ama to learn more about Temple KUKURI and the possibility of

offering your services in this beautiful space. If you are interested in renting a

therapy/consulting room or the sanctuary/studio, please send a resume or description of

your work with your inquiry.

Tell: 916-871-9054 


Front Tea Room and Hall Way/waiting area:





Therapy/Consulting Rooms


Moon Room (approx 120sq.ft.)





Sun Room (approx 130sq.ft.): This room will be furnished with a massage table and conversational furniture to accommodate both bodyworkers, therapists and consultants. This room could be used for a small group session up to 6 people.










Sanctuary/Studio (approx 550sq.ft. +30sq.ft.): Beautiful Marley-type sprung-floor, mirrors and small waiting area at the back entrance. This space can be rented for activities such as yoga, fitness, any type of dance, martial arts classes and gatherings. Food and outside shoes are not allowed in the Sanctuary. Capacity: 15-20 person for movement and activities or 60 person sit-down.




Temple KUKURI is wheelchair accessible from the main entrance and from the sanctuary entrance in the back of the building.

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