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Temple KUKURI - Holistic Living Sanctuary


It is the mission of Temple KUKURI, a 501(c)3 Non-profit Organization, to create and hold a safe space for multi-cultural, non-denominational spiritual connection that supports our awakening to the INNER PEACE and JOY of our true unified nature, at one with All That Is. We support this holistic, love-centered, unity consciousness of mind body and spirit through mindful, artful and soulful gatherings, activities and practices of:  1) meditation, stillness of being and inner peace; 2) compassionate, needs-based communication; 3) creative, collaborative holistic living; and 4) unifying, healing unconditional love.


Some Temple gatherings, activities and practices include: Weekly and on-going “Zen” Tea and Meditation, Japanese Tea Ceremony, Community Drum, Dance and Chanting, breathwork, Conscious Needs Communication, Ayurveda Self-Healing, Spirit/Earth Connection Circles, conscious food and cooking.  We also facilitate various rituals, ceremonies and celebrations that honor the celestial cycles of our earthly seasons as well as the rites of passage in our personal lives and relationships. Please join us this expanding this community of consciousness and love.

KUKURI means to tie, bond or connect in Japanese and it is the name of the goddess of unity, peace, harmony and integration in Japanese mythology. 

Board of  Directors:
Sawako Ama

Founder, Executive Director, Pastoral Counselor, Holistic Health Practitioner, Board Member

I was born and raised in a Buddhist temple in the south part of Japan. The safety and sacred feeling I felt being in the temple throughout my life has become an important part of my spiritual practice and expression in my healing arts. It is my joy to share them at Temple KUKURI to create a conscious community for peace and harmony.

Stephen Bash

Board Member, Pastoral Counselor, Holistic Living/Sustainable Energy Educator

Full Moon Drum Circle facilitator, inspirational speaker and renewable energy educator.  Steve is a student of Ayurveda, an Eastern Indian Ancient Healing Practice.

Corey Kashiwagi

Board Member

Native Sacramentan, State gov’t IT employee and occasional musician (Afro-Cuban, Middle Eastern, samba parade drummer, Native American-style flute player).


My life has been a path of seeking, uncovering and understanding the truth of my existence, of our existence. There are many (many!) systems and technologies now available to help with this – some are ancient and were developed thousands of years ago, like ayurvedic doshas and astrology, some are fairly contemporary, like Human Design and the Enneagram. These systems have helped me to gain an understanding of who I am, of who we each are as unique individuals. They have also helped me to see the common threads – the preferences, motivations, drives that we all have, that there is helpful information available on how to truly respect and take care of ourselves and each other. There is knowledge and understanding currently available that we can use for our healing, growth and wholeness of living.

Click here for a detailed biography showing who I am in various systems. There are also online test links to find out about you in these systems!

Andrew Silvert

Board Member

Board of Advisory:
Yuko Gower

Tea Master

Yuko is a tea master of the Omote Senke School at MUYUAN and is an acupuncturist at San Francisco Japan Town Acupuncture

Keiko Kagami

Life Coach

Keiko is a life coach, wife, mother of three boys and a practitioner of Native American shamanism

Anamaria Pasquiers  
Anamaria provides spiritual counseling and consultation services for individuals and couples on alternative medicine and self-healing methods.

Anamaria is a local social activist who has led spiritual growth groups focusing on Taoism, Kundalini Yoga, and A Course in Miracles. She is an interfaith minister who served as a prayer chaplain for 10 years. She is committed to helping people find their self-empowerment and their voice so that they may develop skills to enrich life for themselves and others through Compassionate Communication.
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