"Treat your body as a TEMPLE."

In our sanctuary we offer a variety of services and education to bring awareness, wellness and inspiration to our lives through wholistic/sustainable living classes, dance, yoga, breathwork therapies and other wellness-related services.

Open to the public.

Weekly Community Connection Circle & Class Calendar

We are closed due to COVID-19 until further notice. 


- Pelvic Core Alignment - Gentle workout & stretches with Mindful Breathing for stress and pain management

 Thursday 6pm to 7pm   class details

​- Tea Meditation Circle- The Way of Tea as a Mindfulness Practice:

Tuesday 11:00am to 12pm  & Thursday 7:00pm to 8pm. class details

- Meditation Walk to the American River Bluffs class details

Tuesday 10:00am to 12pm (Weather permitting)

Tibetan Five Rites Practice 

 - Power Four Stretches and Tibetan Five Rites of Rejuvenation class details


Multi-culutral /Sacred Dance & Conscious Movement Practice

 - Awakening Belly - Middle Eastern Dance to Live Music (Bi-monthy class)  class details

 - Flamenco class details

 - Soul Motion Odyssey -Conscious Movement Practice (5th Saturday 5:15pm to 6:30pm)class details

Check our event calendar for more classes

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