Tea Meditation Circle

お茶サークル 喫茶劫/きっさこ

The Way of Tea as Mindfulness Practice

Walking Meditation to the Bluffs


Tuesday 10:00am -12pm

Fee: Free for Temple Associate

$5 -$10 suggested donation for non-Associate


Where: Walking meditation to American River Bluffs when sunny.  Meeting at Fair Oaks Community Center Parking Lot at 10am.  Please contact before you come.  Please contact us if you are coming for the first time.

Get grounded/centered, make connections, share inspirations and build conscious community through the way of tea.


This is a tea/Ocha (お茶) circle in our beautiful tea room or sometime at The American River Bluffs. We might have total silence or sometimes chatting time with  laughter.  Come and enjoy our organic tea (caffaine and non-caffaine)  Attendees will learn how to receive and sometimes to make tea as a practice of mindfulness.  After receiving tea, we invite you to have a short guided meditation /silent time.