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Cherry Blossom Viewing Picnic

& Lantern Night Tea Ceremony



This is a special annual tea ceremony celebrating the beauty of spring with  Bento box and formal Japanese out door tea ceremony under cherry blossoms and lanterns at a park.
















March 2024

Date: Saturday, March 30th

3pm to 6pm


Location: Belle Coolidge Park, South Sacramento

 (May be postponed to March 31st when it rains)

Fee: $45 (Temple Associate), $57 (non-Associate)

Reservation required

Come and join for our cherry blossom viewing picnic and tea ceremony to celebrate the spring at Belle Cooledge Park.  

Authentic delicious and healthy Japanese Hanami picnic lunch and organic green tea /Matcha and traditional confectionary will be served under the cherry blossom. Non-caffeine tea options are available. (We will have plenty of vegan, gluten-free dishes for our lunch but we can't accept a special diet.

Reservation fee: $10 for Associate member and non-Associate member

(Reservation fee is not refundable after March 23rd but transferable. (If the event is cancelled due to rain, the reservation fee will be refunded)  We will only take $10 reservation fee for member and non-member. You will be paying the rest of the amount at the event (cash, check, Paypal).


ATTENTION: After your reservation you will be receiving the confirmation email from us by March 27th. Please make sure to reply to confirm your attendance. If we do not receive your confirmation mail back by the 29th, your seat will be given to those who are in our waiting lit. There will be no refund for your reservation fee.  


Waiting List: If this event is sold out, you can put your name on the waiting list. please email us directly. (


We will be meeting at the Park at 2:50pm around the gazebo area. We will start the event at 3pm. Please note that there will be no public bathroom there.  


What to bring: Bring your own camping chair if you have one (we are sitting on a picnic blanket on the ground under the tree for tea ceremony). You own drinking water (Other beverages are available.) and your own tea bowl (medium to small cereal bowl would work) if you have one. (we have some bowls to share)

Hanami 花見/ Cherry Blossom Viewing Picnic

Japanese love to celebrate the spring in nature specially under cherry blossom trees with bento box and sake. When cherry blossom is in full bloom, you will see happy faces at Hanami/cherry blossom viewing picnic all over Japan day and night. 

*Please click here to learn about our Associate membership.

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