Peach Blossom Tea Party


Japanese Tea Tasting Party!


This is a special annual Tea Tasting Party celebrating the beauty of spring with tea tasting and Zen style meal.

This is a Tea Tasting Party where guests can enjoy the Sunday afternoon with about 10 different kinds of carefully selected  green tea and other unique teas, along with traditional & modern authentic style confections and a Zen style vegetarian light meal. Bring your friends and experience the unique beauty of Japan!














Sunday, March 3th   12pm to 2:30pm

$30 for Temple  Associate (Free Invitation for SUN & UNIVERSE member)

$35 for non-Associate

Reservation required.

How to reserve:

online reservation by credit card: Click HERE

Check or cash: please email us for more details.

Dress Code: Spring Colors

At Temple KUKURI, we are celebrating the beauty of spring and the energy of playful feminine energy in all of us to connect to the EARTH. Please wear your favorite spring color clothes to the tea ceremony.  We will be serving healthy & delicious zen temple style organic vegan meal and Amazake/nonalcoholic sake before the Tea Ceremony. Enjoy two types of organic ceremonial green tea in our beautiful modern style tea room. 

About Japanese Peach Blossom Festival

The Japanese Peach Blossom Festival is a special day for young women in Japan. Otherwise known as Hina Matsuri or Japanese Girl’s Day, this special tradition is held each year on March 3.

On this day, young girls decorate their homes with fresh peach blossoms. The peach is a symbol of long life, and the Japanese believe it carries the traits of composure, tranquility and gentility. Peach blossoms are also a symbol of a happy marriage, and young women place them in their homes for good luck and happiness when they get married. On Hina Matsuri day, time is taken to bestow wishes for good fortune and marriage in the future to young women in the family.

Then, these young women dress up in special clothing and honor the elaborately dressed dolls that have been set up on a special tiered display covered in red cloth. People eat special food such as colorful sushi, clam soup, and sweet rice cakes, and they pray for girls’ happiness, health and beauty.

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March New Moon Tea Ceremony 


($10-$20 suggested donation)

If you would like to stay for the traditional Japanese tea ceremony after the tea tasting party please click here to  reserve your seat.


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