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Event Calendar

Join us for our weekly and on-going educational classes, circles and seasonal cultural events. 

Some Temple gatherings, activities, classes and practices include: 
“Zen” Tea Meditation Circle
Breathwork & Meditation classes
Self-Healing Practices & classes
Spirit/Earth Connection Circles
Dance & Conscious Movement classes
Conscious cultural food and cooking events and classes
Spirit-lifting Movie Nights


KUKURI Annual Events

January or February: New Year Mochi-Pounding
March: Peach Blossom Tea Ceremony/Hinamatsuri
April: Hanami/Cherry Blossom Night Viewing Tea Ceremony and Picnic
: Star-prayer Tea Ceremony/Tanabata Matsuri

July: Obon Festival/Bon Dance and Kimono Wearing Day

October: Tsukimi/Moon Viewing Tea Ceremony
November: Communiy Miso Making and Potluck

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