Event Calendar

Join us for our weekly and on-going educational classes, circles and seasonal cultural events. 

Some Temple gatherings, activities, classes and practices include: 
 “Zen” Tea Meditation Circle
Breathwork & Meditation classes
Self-Healing Practices & classes
Spirit/Earth Connection Circles
Dance & Conscious Movement classes
Conscious cultural food and cooking events and classes
Spirit-lifting Movie Nights


Weekly Class & Event Calendar

KUKURI Annual Events

January or February: New Year Mochi-Pounding, Japanese Calligraphy and Tea Ceremony
March: Peach Blossom Tea Ceremony/Hinamatsuri
April: Hanami/Cherry Blossom Night Viewing Tea Ceremony and Picnic
July-August: Obon Festival/Bon Dance and Kimono Wearing Day

July- August: Star-prayer Tea Ceremony/Tanabata Matsuri
September: Tsukimi/Moon Viewing Tea Ceremony
October: KUKURI Fest Silent Auction and Tea Ceremony

We have moved from our Fair Oaks location.  We will have no classes and event until further notice.  Please subscribe to our newsletter to be notified about our future events and classes. Thank you for your continued support. 

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