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At Temple KUKURI we honor the connection between people, nature and the universe as one unified being and we gather to share and celebrate that connection.

It is a space open to the public where people can gather for joy, harmony and peace. We offer services and educational programs to bring awareness, wellness and inspirations to our Associates and our community.


Temple KUKURI is a place for people to learn wholistic living way and receive wellness services/counseling through a variety of qualified teachers and practitioners. KUKURI means to connect, bundle and tie in Japanese. KUKURI is also the name of the Japanese goddess of unity, harmony and integration who connects people together. At KUKURI people gather for meditation, healing and spiritual practices, wholistic living and arts classes that bring health, inspiration and connection to our lives for greater joy, harmony and peace.


  • Daily meditation, practice of mindfulness, quiet deliberation is strongly encouraged to connect heaven and earth energy.


  • Practicing and studying of breathwork and Japanese tea rituals, the sacred way of getting in touch of nature and energy of universe, is encouraged for each Associate. Each Associate is encouraged to learn the principle of the tea rituals “Harmony, Respect, Silence and Purification.”


  • Associates shall be mindful of what they eat and how they treat their bodies as temples to balance body, mind and soul. Blessings and thanks are to be given for each morsel that is consumed. Studying and practicing healing art, healthy foods and living are encouraged for each Associate.


  • Associates are asked to give aid to those who come to them in need. If you feel that you cannot help the person due to the complexity of the situation, then you are to refer them to more qualified people. Prayer is to be given to those who are suffering.


  • Each Associate is asked to respect all races, religions, sexual orientations, gender identifications, beliefs, abilities, ages, ethnicities, spiritual practices and cultures. We celebrate our communities through art for integration and acceptance of our differences.


  • To be in line with the cosmic energies of the Earth, Sun, Moon and Stars.


  • Smoking of any kind is not permitted on the Temple KUKURI grounds.Abusive drug and alcohol use is discouraged. Repeated incidences and/or evidence of substance abuse may be cause for termination of contractual agreements, removal from the premises and/or loss of access to the Temple. Temple KUKURI reserves the right to determine the consequence to be consistent with the law and Temple KUKURI values.


  • Aggressive actions are detrimental to all concerned. Associates are asked to refrain from such behaviors at all times and to receive spiritual counseling to help then in cases of transgression. Compassionate Communication is encouraged for any conflict to maintain harmony in the community. Attempt at all times to see the Divine in each person you contact.


  • Each Associate is encouraged to spend time in nature and learn to respect the Earth, Sun, Moon and Stars. We must each come back to our true inner Nature which connects us all in Divine energy.


It is with a warm heart that we thank all Associates and program participants for respecting and understanding the Temple KUKURI values. Furthermore, we want to express our gratitude to everyone that is committed to conducting themselves accordingly. And may our journey together always be beacon of unconditional love, hope, joy, harmony and peace.


September 2017

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