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If you are interested in Japanese culture  this event is perfect for you.  We will be wearing Yukata/Summer Kimono at Temple KUKURI  and going out to Obon Festival at Buddhist Church of Sacramento on July 13th for Obon dancing,  Japanese foods and other summer festival activities!  


Yukata Wearing Workshop

You are learning how to wear Yukata/summer kimono.  Mis. Akemi will guide you through all things you need to know about wearing Yukata and tying Obi belt.  You don't have your Yukata?  Do not worry, we have extra you can rent.


Registration required. Click here to register online or email us.

Date & Time: Saturday, July 13th  3pm  - 5pm  (If you need help for hair styling and make up, please come at 2:30pm. ) 


Place: Temple KUKURI


Fee: $15 (please pay cash at the workshop to the teacher)

Instructor: Akemi Murakami 村上明美先生(山野流着装教室奥伝講師)


Yukata rental: $10 - $15 Suggested donation to Temple KUKURI  (please add "yukata rental" , your height and regular US clothes size on the note when you register)


What to bring: Yukata, Obi belt, white T shirt, 2-3 strings (8'-9'long and 1/2-1"with cotton or silk strings), two hand towels, Zori/geta or flip flop, small purse, hair pins and hair bands (if you have long hair).  浴衣、半幅帯、腰紐二本、伊達締め(あれば)、ハンドタオル2枚、草履/下駄, 着物バッグ、 髪の毛アップするクリップ、ゴム  We have extra purses, Zori/geta.  

Yukata Night Out to Obon Festival at Buddhist Church of Sacramento

                                                                                    We will be carpooling to the festival.  We will leave Temple                                                                                        KUKURI around 5:30pm.  We are planning to come back 

                                                                                     around 10pm.  


                                                                                    For more details about Obon Festival please click here. 

Yukata/Summer Kimono Dressing Workshop
Yukata Night Out to Obon Festival, Sacramento
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