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Full Moon Drum Circle

Let's gather  for enchantment, connection, creativity, healing and joy under the Full Moon!

Facilitated by Steve Bash

We are not planning to have any public drum circles but we are open for facilitating small private drum/healing circles for your special occasions at your venue of choice.  Please contact Steve Bash for more details.  

What to Bring:

Please bring a drum (usually hand percussion - African, Latin, Middle Eastern) and a chair(at the park), if you have one. We will have some chairs and extra drums. If you have extra drums or extra chairs, please bring them! Snacks are always appreciated!

What is a Drum Circle?

A spiritual, communal, therapeutic music experience in which participants join together in a circle with drums, move and dance using various percussion instruments, voices, and other non-electrical devices. The full moon is a good time to let go of stress, worries and to just be present with your heartbeat and with the sound of the drums. It is also a great way of building community.


What can I expect at KUKURI's Full Moon Drum Circle?

The drum circle will be lightly facilitated and will involve playing a few different structured or improvised grooves coming from traditional rhythms, from the heartbeat, from our spontaneous energies using a variety of percussive and melodic instruments that you may bring and that will be provided. Let Steve know some rhythms, grooves or intentions that you might have and he will help to include these during our time together. If you are a beginner, be sure to come at 6:30pm for the beginners session and warm up. It is not mandatory but it will help you to feel comfortable with your instrument in a circle. 


​​Can I host a drum circle at my house or community?

Yes. Private Drum Circle Gatherings are available by Steve Bash, Rev. Through the beauty of rhythm and gathering in a circle, Steve will help you to connect and celebrate with a group of your friends at your home dinner party or venue of your choice. You can plan a gathering at your home, office or other location. Steve can facilitate a drum circle as a celebration for any reason for coming together!

​Private Lessons

If you feel you would like some additional support for your drumming technique and/or to learn some general or specific cultural rhythms, Steve is happy to provide private lessons. You may be surprised at the difference a few private sessions can make toward moving you to where you would like to go.

Contact Steve Bash.


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