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New Moon Fundraising Event




Sunday, February 18th  12pm and 3pm

 Fee:$20/Associate member*, $30/Non-Associate member

Reservation is required.

Click here to reserve your seat.


This is a Tea Tasting Party where guests can enjoy the Sunday afternoon with about 10 different kinds of carefully selected organic tea from Japan, along with traditional & modern authentic style confections and a light meal. Bring your friends and experience the unique beauty of Japan!





We will be serving:

Sencha/green tea, Gyokuro/green tea, Matcha/ceremonial green tea, Genmaicha/green tea with roasted rice, Bancha/roasted twig tea, Mulberry Leaf tea, Sobacha/roasted buckwheat tea and more. 

Most of the teas tasted at the party will be available for purchase.  We will be demonstrating how to prepare each tea.


Please contact to reserve your seat (choose 12pm or 3pm). Prepayment is required. ($10 non-refundable registration fee once your payment is made.) 

All proceeds will go to Temple KUKURI's Mirror Fund.

*Please click here to learn about our Associate membership.


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