USAATO Natural Clothing Exhibition and Market


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Place: Temple KUKURI Sanctuary (Please enter through the back.) 


Amazing and Unique Handcrafted Clothing, MUST SEE!! (Women, Men, Unisex)

- Artisan Fabrics, Fully handcrafted, Sustainably grown COTTON, HEMP and SILK: Hand spun, Hand woven, Plant based dyes

- A Variety of Creative and Practical Designs: Earthy, Divine, Holistic, Colorful, Comfortable, Fashionable, Fun

- High Quality Designer Spec Construction and Seamwork: Durable, Long lasting

- Innovative Fair Trade Model


USAATO clothes are made in specially selected villages in Thailand and Laos practicing sustainable agriculture and known for their traditions of spinning, weaving and plant based dyes. The fabrics are mostly handspun and hand woven by their traditional weaving machines from cotton, hemp and silk with natural dyeing by artisan women in various areas of these two countries.


USAATO clothes are sewn by individuals and groups in worker friendly environments in Chiang Mai, Thailand. These beautiful fabrics are unique to the various villages which is further reflected in the individuality of Usaato designs.


It is the Usaato mission to support sustainable agriculture, respect the village traditions and to bring a healthy economy and quality life to these villages. We would like to invite you to be a part of this Usaato movement.


“My mission is to create the clothing of life” - Usaburo Sato, Usaato designer


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Please note:  We can not guarantee that we will have exact same clothes in the pictures at our exhibitions.